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I'd love to help you

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You know where you want to go.


Coaching with a clinically-trained specialist is the fastest way to get there. 


One-on-one coaching means:

In-the-moment support

Personalized attention

Deep transformation

Individual Coaching with Caroline

I believe that my role as your coach is to help you identify your strengths, to examine self-defeating behaviors, and to uncover obstacles that are in the way of achieving your goals.  

I’m straight-talking, warm and friendly, and good-humored.  

I will see you as an intelligent, collaborative partner in this process.  

As an objective outsider, I can offer a safe space where you can be free to talk honestly about what you are really thinking and feeling. I want to help you find out what is best for you and your future.


April House, PsyD

Infidelity Coach-Healing From Infidelity Guru

Dr. April E. House is a California based licensed marriage and family therapist and infidelity coach. Dr. April specializes in helping individuals struggling with body image concerns, perfectionism, and marriage counseling. She tailors different treatment approaches to each client and is especially effective in reducing anxiety and other trauma symptoms in betrayed spouses.

Kathleen Cross, MSW

Infidelity Coach-Mama Bear Wisdom & Support

Mrs. Kathleen Cross works with couples and families tackling issues related to drug addiction, mental health, and infidelity. She utilizes an eclectic approach geared towards the unique characteristics of each client and desires to help each client discover their own strengths.

Her belief is that everyone has within them the power to control their behavior through understanding, acceptance and growth. This allows Kathleen to help each client explore her own strengths, find hope, and create the life she desires. 


Different needs, 

Different options.

I'm happy to talk and see if we're a good fit.

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